Fizzy UI utils

UI utility & helper functions

Used in Flickity, Isotope, Masonry, Draggabilly


Bower: bower install fizzy-ui-utils --save

npm: npm install fizzy-ui-utils --save


// fizzyUIUtils is the browser global
var utils = fizzyUIUtils;

// ---- ---- //

utils.extend( a, b )
// extend object

utils.modulo( num, div )
// num [modulo] div

utils.makeArray( obj )
// make array from object

utils.removeFrom( ary, obj )
// remove object from array

utils.getParent( elem, selector )
// get parent element of an element, given a selector string

utils.getQueryElement( elem )
// if elem is a string, use it as a selector and return element

Class.prototype.handleEvent = utils.handleEvent;
// enable Class.onclick when element.addEventListener( 'click', this, false )

utils.filterFindElements( elems, selector )
// iterate through elems, filter and find all elements that match selector

utils.debounceMethod( Class, methodName, threhold )
// debounce a class method

utils.docReady( callback )
// trigger callback on document ready

utils.toDashed( str )
// 'camelCaseString' -> 'camel-case-string'

utils.htmlInit( Class, namespace )
// on document ready, initialize Class on every element
// that matches js-namespace
// pass in JSON options from element's data-options-namespace attribute

MIT license. Have at it.

By Metafizzy